3 Road Trips From Bangalore to Hampi

Hampi is one of the most majestic and other-worldly destinations in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is a group of ancient monuments and ruins. Located among granite boulders, marvels at Hampi include water structures, ancient market complex, beautifully carved temples, chariot shrines, elephant stables, hill and riverside monuments among others.

A significant destination from Bangalore, Hampi is a favourite to head to on a road trip. The distance is around 350 kilometers which take approximately 7 hours.

Best Time To Visit

Between September to March, Hampi is an ideal place to visit. The weather is pleasant and cool. One can take a road trip during the monsoons also because the road trip would be a great experience, however, Hampi ruins, especially the boulders are slippery during the rains, so caution must be observed.

How To Get There

The roads are in pretty good shape more or less, barring a few stretches that are laden with potholes and less than ideal driving conditions. Travelling by car, cab or bike is equally fun.

Since the distance is only covered in 6 to 7 hours, a lot of people take a bike trip. You can take your own car or hire a self-drive rental car. Hire a cab with a driver if travelling with family.

Private bus operators offer pocket-friendly rides starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. The direct route goes through NH 48 and NH 150A. Car rentals with a driver (plenty of deals available online) are ideal for you and your travelling companions to soak in the treasures of the road trip.

Route Options

There are three routes to reach Hampi from Bangalore. They are listed below:

Route 1: The Hospet Route

Route Map: Bangalore → Chitradurga → Hospet → Hampi

This route will take approximately seven and a half hours on NH 48 and NH 50, a distance of about 360 kilometers. This is a popular route for most road trippers.

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Popular Activities on a Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip

Chitradurga Fort

Chitradurga Fort

  • Chitradurga Fort: Built in a series of seven fortification walls; thus the name ‘Seven Circles Fort’. It also has eighteen temples.
  • Ankali Mutt: Located just 3 kilometres from Chitradurga, it boasts a temple between huge rocks and underground carved out caves.
  • Chandravalli: A couple of kilometres from Chitradurga, this is a gorgeous archaeological site in an area formed by three hills.
  • Tungabhadra Dam: This dam is worth stopping by for its spectacular views through its watchtower and its aesthetic beauty.
  • Vijayshree Village: Right before reaching Hampi, you can visit this heritage Rajasthani style village, for a little bit of a culture mash-ups.

Route 2: The Hiriyur Route

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Route Map: Bangalore → Tumkur → Hiriyur → Challakere → Rampura → Hampi

This route will take you around 7 hours with approximately 400 kilometres in distance on NH 48.

Popular Activities on a Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

  • Vani Vilas Sagar Dam: A 30-minute detour from Hiriyur will lead you to this pre-independence era dam, with calm and clean waters.
  • Ajjanagudi Temple: Make a quick stop to Challakere if you want to visit this quiet temple.
  • Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary: Around half an hour before Hampi, visit this fun place to gaze at bears and other animals doing their thing in all their glory.

Route 3: The Anantpura Route

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Route Map: Bangalore → Lepakshi → Anantapur → Bellari → Hampi

This route will take you approximately 7 hours across 400 kilometres. This route is preferred for is smooth driving conditions.

Popular Activities on a Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip

 Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi Temple

  • Lepakshi: This place is famous Nandi statue, the Veerabhadra temple, and the famous Shiva Linga inside.
  • Gooty Fort: This fort makes for an interesting trek uphill, with an amazing vantage point to capture pictures from.
  • Bellary Fort: Built atop huge boulders, this place has a haunting appeal, excellent for pictures or a peaceful walk.
  • Chintala Venkataramana Swamy Temple: If you are a fan of the South Indian heritage architecture visit this temple around 50 kilometres from Anantapur.
  • Hampi Hippie Island: A good place for bouldering and rock-climbing fans, people interested in souvenir shopping, or coffee shops.

Safety Measures

The road from Bangalore to Chitradurga is smooth and passes like a breeze; however on the Hospet route, it might get trickier since the road condition is not perfect or is a mix of average to above average. You may be compelled to slow down owing to potholes and traffic.

In comparison, even though the Anantapur route is longer, the roads are quite better off for a convenient drive. The Hiriyur route is relatively less crowded as far as the traffic goes, and the route is quite pleasantly scenic. Those on a bike trip must leave early in the morning and take regular breaks with a brunch/lunch break at Chitradurga.

For all trips, it is recommended that you carry food and water with you, and make sure your vehicles are serviced and tires are in good condition. There are eateries on all routes, however, they may not be well-maintained, so taking a good refreshment break at Chitradurga or Anantapur is advisable. Have a safe journey! Got questions? Let us know in the comments.

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